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Tremor FX™ incorporates dynamic vibration into theater seats to give movie-goers an extra level of engagement in every movie.

Tremor FX uses multiple actuators to create the illusion that patrons are actually a part of what they are watching. Using the soundtrack’s audio signal, the action can be felt in different areas of the seat depending on the sound frequencies. No additional track needs to be created, allowing Tremor FX chairs to be used with any movie, game or music immediately.

Movie Fans

Tremor FX will change your whole entertainment experience. You can feel the sound waves flow through you, creating the illusion that you are actually a part of what you are watching. The technology behind Tremor FX allows you to feel the soundtrack the way the sound editors intended.

Theatre Owners

Tremor FX technology has so much to offer theatre owners to enhance their customers’ movie-going experience. Allow your customers to experience movies in a way they can’t anywhere else. Seats which use Tremor FX technology have many features which other seats on the market lack.

Tremor FX Theatres

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The Gateway Salt Lake City, UT
Cedar City Stadium Cedar City, UT