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Tremor FX™ is a dynamic vibration technology that offers an enhanced, more immersive media experience. Unlike other audio enhancement solutions, Tremor FX was designed to enhance any media experience that involves an audio stream. We now offer multiple TFX Products to improve moviegoers experience and provide solutions for theater owners to manage enhanced movie experiences.

Tremor FX incorporates dynamic vibration into theater seats to give movie-goers an extra level of engagement in every movie.

Tremor FX uses three seat actuators to create the illusion that patrons are actually a part of what they are watching. Using the soundtrack’s audio signal, the action can be felt in different areas of the seat depending on the sound frequencies. No additional track needs to be created, allowing Tremor FX chairs to be used with any movie, game or music immediately.

Tremor FX seats come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and are the same size as a standard theater seat for one-to-one chair replacement.

TFX Touch™ touchscreen controller is a fully functional multimedia and control platform. It interfaces to the chair motors, chair heater, lighting system, and any other chair control features. It also includes a fully functional Ethernet interface and 2-port switch. With Ethernet interface as well as general IO connections, the TFX Touch is able to interface with any 3rd party product. For example, it has inputs available for the Tremor FX system.

TFX Plug™ is a multi-chair power supply for motorized recliners with internal battery backup. It provides up to 10 chair connections from a single AC outlet. The connections to the chairs are made by a complete set of cables that connect directly from the TFX Plug to the chair motor.

TFX Clean SWEEP™ is a two button wireless controller, low-cost option for implementing ‘all open’ and ‘all close’ feature in recliner chairs. Each chair can be ‘paired’ with a controller so each chair knows which controller to listen to. TFX Clean Sweep simultaneously opens and closes all electrical reclining chairs in a theater in 15 seconds. In a theatre of 200 chairs, the process of opening and closing all chairs one by one would take 50 minutes.

Movie Fans

Tremor FX will change your whole entertainment experience. You can feel the sound waves flow through you, creating the illusion that you are actually a part of what you are watching. The technology behind Tremor FX allows you to feel the soundtrack the way the sound editors intended.

Theatre Owners

Tremor FX technology has so much to offer theatre owners to enhance their customers’ movie-going experience. Allow your customers to experience movies in a way they can’t anywhere else. Seats which use Tremor FX technology have many features which other seats on the market lack.

Tremor FX Theatres

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