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Tremor FX Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tremor FX?
Tremor FX is patent-pending technology that incorporates dynamic vibrations into theater seats that provides a more immersive experience for movie-goers as they feel the sound in any movie.

How do Tremor FX seats work?
Through three actuators built into each seat, sound is felt by the person seated in the chair, creating the illusion that they are actually a part of what they are watching. The audio from a movie can be felt in different areas of the seat depending on the pitch of the sound, allowing the soundtrack to be felt the way the sound editors intended. Bass sounds are lower in the seat, while treble sounds are higher in the back of the seat.

Do Tremor FX seats have to be programmed to work with each movie?
Because Tremor FX technology uses the audio signal from the soundtrack, no additional track needs to be created. This means that Tremor FX chairs can be used with any movie immediately.

How big are Tremor FX seats?
Tremor FX seats are the same size as a standard theater seat, making one-to-one chair replacement possible. Because these chairs do not take up any extra room, it is possible for a theater owner to convert an entire theater to support Tremor FX without losing any seating.

What is needed to power/operate the seats?
The control box for an entire theater of seats takes up minimal space in the projection room and is smaller than a desktop computer tower. The seats are easy to integrate with any theater configuration with a low voltage wire and a communication cable, and a modular design allows for easy upgrades and repairs to individual seats.

Are Tremor FX seats customizable?
Tremor FX seats come a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors.

How much does it cost to use a Tremor FX seat?
Theater owners are free to set their own prices for the use of Tremor FX seats, and there are no additional service fees charged by Tremor FX or Seating Concepts, the manufacturer and distributor of the seats. This makes it easy for owners to use these upgraded chairs as incentives or giveaways with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

How much do Tremor FX seats cost?

  • For more information about pricing and to purchase seating for Cinemas, contact Seating Concepts at sales@seatingconcepts.com.
  • For more information about pricing and to purchase seating for Home Theatres, contact Tremor FX directly at hometheatre@tremorfx.com.

Can I only experience Tremor FX seating at the movies?
Tremor FX chairs are engineered to respond to any sound-based, seated entertainment, and applications in other avenues such as concerts and gaming are currently being explored.

Who created Tremor FX?
Tremor FX technology has been developed by RedSeat Entertainment, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Endeavor Capital, and is run by LeVoy Haight and Kevin Baugh. Endeavor Capital is an investment group created by Joseph Sorenson in 2008. Tremor FX consists of proprietary, patent-pending technology which will revolutionize the entertainment experience in theaters and gaming alike. RedSeat Entertainment has teamed up with Seating Concepts to build chairs which will allow the participants to have an immersive experience with their entertainment.