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Movie Fans

Tremor FX will change your whole entertainment experience. You can feel the sound waves flow through you, creating the illusion that you are actually a part of what you are watching. The technology behind Tremor FX allows you to feel the soundtrack the way the sound editors intended.
The chair works with the soundtrack to help you feel the vibrations of an explosion, the firing and impact of a gunshot, or the force of a punch. You feel the sound waves in different areas of your seat depending on the pitch of the wave. Bass sounds are lower in the seat, while treble sounds are higher in the back of the seat.

Because the chair works with the sound wave tracks already embedded into the film, the chair works immediately upon the release of any movie. You can have the full experience without any additional tracks being added to the film. Enjoy your new releases and an immersive experience immediately.

You can even purchase Tremor FX chairs for your home, to enhance your personal gaming or music experiences. Tremor FX will work with anything media that creates sound.

Don’t just watch it. Live it.