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Press Release: November 7, 2012

RedSeat Entertainment Completes First Installation of Tremor FX Chairs at Caribbean Cinemas in Dominican Republic

  • New Galeria 360 Theater in Santo Domingo Installs 70 Tremor FX Chairs in Two HD Theaters
  • Tremor FX Seats Offer a Fully Immersive Theater Experience with Dynamic Vibrations in Response to a Movie Soundtrack

SALT LAKE CITY and MIAMI (November 7, 2012) – RedSeat Entertainment today announced at ShowEast that Caribbean Cinemas has become the first movie theater in the world to install the company’s Tremor FX active theater seats. Caribbean Cinemas installed 70 Tremor FX chairs in two of its HD theaters at the new Galeria 360 theater in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Tremor FX is new technology that incorporates dynamic vibrations into movies through a series of actuators built into each seat, causing the chair to vibrate and pulsate in response to audio signals embedded in a film’s individual soundtrack. These vibrations occur in tandem with the action in the film, adding an extra layer of engagement for moviegoers.

“Tremor FX is a great way for our customers to fully immerse themselves in a film,” said Gregory Quinn, vice president of Caribbean Cinemas Dominican Republic. “Instead of just seeing the movie, they are feeling it too, which really makes them a part of what is happening on screen.”

Tremor FX chairs are the same size as standard theater chairs, simplifying and streamlining the theater conversion process, and a modular design allows for easy upgrades and repairs to individual seats. The control box for an entire theater of seats takes up minimal space in the projection room and is smaller than a desktop computer tower. RedSeat teamed up with Seating Concepts to build and distribute the Tremor FX seats.

“It took less than a week to install these chairs, so we could begin offering them in our theaters very quickly,” Ross Astrachan, director of expansion and development for Caribbean Cinemas added. “Through our longstanding relationship with Seating Concepts we were able to bring the latest cinema technology from Tremor FX to our customers.”

“It is clear that Caribbean Cinemas is deeply committed to creating the best overall cinematic experience for their customers, and they have recognized and fully embraced the value of our Tremor FX technology,” said Joseph Sorenson, CEO of RedSeat Entertainment. “The expectations of moviegoers are evolving, and we look forward to partnering with other theaters to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to cinemas across the globe.”

For more information about the technology, visit tremorfx.com. For more information about pricing and to purchase seating, contact Seating Concepts at sales@seatingconcepts.com.

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For more information and to download images of the Tremor FX seats, visit the online press kit at http://tremorfx.com/presskit.

About RedSeat Entertainment

A wholly owned subsidiary of Endeavor Capital, Red Seat Entertainment has developed the Tremor FX technology, which consists of proprietary, patent-pending technology that will transform the entertainment experience in movie theaters, concerts and gaming alike. Red Seat Entertainment has teamed up with Seating Concepts to build chairs that give participants an immersive experience with their entertainment. For additional information, visit www.tremorfx.com.

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