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TFX Clean SWEEP™ is a two button wireless controller, low-cost option for implementing ‘all open’ and ‘all close’ feature in recliner chairs. Each chair can be ‘paired’ with a controller so each chair knows which controller to listen to. TFX Clean Sweep simultaneously opens and closes all electrical reclining chairs in a theater in 15 seconds. In a theatre of 200 chairs, the process of opening and closing all chairs one by one would take 50 minutes.

The market for motorized recliners in movie theaters is growing exponentially with large theaters dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to install recliner seating. AMC has pledged over $800MM to replacing stadium seating with recliners and both Regal and Cinemark are on similar paths. In talking with one relatively small vendor, their recliner sales have gone up by 10x in the last year.

TFX Clean SWEEP Highlights

  • Simple and easy cleanup, even between showings, reducing costs
  • Simple and quick retrofit installation with no theatre downtime
  • The most economical solution on the market

TFX Clean SWEEP in Action


The most basic recliner chairs use simple two-button controllers for recline function. The ability to open and close all chairs in an auditorium at the same time is a feature theaters are looking for. The idea is that it eases the burden on the cleaning crew so they don’t have to open and close each chair one at a time. The TFX Clean SWEEP solves this concern by providing that functionality in a simple and low-cost solution. The cleaning crew would use the remote to control the chairs and each controller would receive the signal to open or close. The remotes are paired with the chairs during installation.

TFX Clean SWEEP allows pairing each chair with a specific remote. This means it can be used in one auditorium without affecting chairs in another auditorium. The main benefit is the reduction of cleaning time required, allowing for full and easy cleanup between showings