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TFX Plug™ is a multi-chair power supply for motorized recliners with internal battery backup. It provides up to 10 chair connections from a single AC outlet. The connections to the chairs are made by a complete set of cables that connect directly from the TFX Plug to the chair motor.

With the advent of motorized recliners in movie theaters, there is a need for efficiently powering those motors. The battery back-up feature is a requirement in some municipalities and that has driven the desire to provide that across all installations. The TFX Plug is the answer for the industry as it looks for the best way to handle all the new power requirements of recliners.

  • Significant electrical cost savings upfront for theater remodel
  • Battery backup power being required at many municipalities
  • Safe batteries
  • Ease of installation with clean cable management in tracking


One driving motivation for creating this product is the installation and remodeling costs associated with adding motorized recliners. Since theaters were originally constructed without electrical outlets or electrical capacity to handle motorized chairs, that capacity has to be added during remodeling. The cost of installing outlets and additional electrical capacity in existing theaters can be several thousand dollars per auditorium, and theaters have a clear interest in reducing up-front construction costs. By using TFX Plug, a theater can go from having 10 or more 20A circuits in an auditorium to fewer than 2 or 3. Potentially capable of powering up to 100 chairs from a single 20A circuit means a significant cost saving.

The other motivation for creating this product is to provide battery power in a power loss event. Many municipalities are requiring this feature as a safety requirement to ensure people can get out of reclined chairs in the event of an emergency. This product provides more than enough battery power to operate all attached chairs dozens of times on just battery power. The batteries used in the TFX Plug are appropriately sized and chosen specifically for this application. They are Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries which are the most stable and well-known battery technology, as well as the safest. Installation is eased due to the cable configuration and the flexibility of being able to place the TFX Plug either at the ends of rows or in the middle of rows. The cables can be placed in the tracking system we have designed for it.