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Theatre Owners

Tremor FX technology has so much to offer theatre owners to enhance their customers’ movie-going experience. Allow your customers to experience movies in a way they can’t anywhere else. Seats which use Tremor FX technology have many features which other seats on the market lack:

Tremor FX Highlights

  • Theatre owners set their own prices: no extra fee is charged by Tremor FX.
  • One-to-one chair replacement: Tremor FX seats do not take up extra room, so you will not lose extra seating.
  • Easy installation and minimal power usage: Low voltage 36V DC power to each chair, two cables (AES3 and RS485), and minimal footprint.
  • Personal preference: seats come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors.
  • Use as incentives for your customers: Because theatre owners set their own cost per seat, they also have the freedom to use these upgraded chairs as incentives or giveaways with no out-of- pocket cost.
  • Modular design allows for easy upgrades: other chairs on the market come as a whole system and have to be completely replaced for repairs or upgrades. Tremor FX technology allows individual pieces to be easily repaired or upgraded as needed.
  • Affordable: Tremor FX chairs are able to use technology efficiently with less hardware, allowing the final cost to be much lower—in fact, nearly half of other comparable chairs on the market, allowing theatre owners to begin making 100 percent profit in less than 24 months, versus 36 months with other models.
  • No separate track needed: Because Tremor FX technology uses the sound waves from the soundtrack, no additional track needs to be created. This means that Tremor FX chairs can be used with any movie immediately. This same feature also means that the chairs will have the same effect with any kind of sound waves, such as concerts.

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