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Future Developments

Smart Phone Ordering

Tremor FX is continuing to develop movie theater technology with Smart Phone ordering directly through the theater seat.  This will allow customers to purchase the features of the Tremor FX chair after they are already in their seat. This allows theater owners the ability to sell all the seats in a theater regardless of whether the customer wants to initially access the Tremor FX technology or not. The customer can activate Tremor FX in the chair by purchase the extra feature through his smart phone.

In addition to this feature, smart phone apps could also be developed allowing customers to purchase items from the snack bar from the comfort of their seats or purchase tickets for future films.

Customers will be able to set up accounts through their smart phones which would save their settings. As soon as a customer scanned the QR code with his smart phone, the chair would automatically adjust to his personal preferences.

There are many open-ended possibilities for these applications. Work with directly with us to help your customers have the best movie-going experience ever!